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AutoCourt System has many salient features that allow courts to automate the life cycle of the ticketing system, citation filing, court calendar scheduling to help the courts function smoothly. Case archives and court calendars are easily accessed. Various disposition letters (court notices, summonses, judges' calendars, minutes sheets, judgments of conviction, suspension letters) can be created and delivered to the defendants. Once a person is added to this system, they can be attached to multiple citations without re-entering their personal information. The system does not allow the same docket number or citation number to be used more than once.

Multiple violations may be entered on a single citation. The fees/costs/fine can be increased or decreased without affecting other citations with the same violation. The system tracks juveniles, minors and adults by flagging the case at the time of entry. A complaint form can be printed for each violation on each citation entered. The system can receive payment in full or partial payments. Bonds can be posted and forfeited or applied to pay fees/costs/fines. Credit can be applied to a case for various types of community service or jail time. Cases can be set for pre-trial, hearings, trials by judge, or trials by jury and a case docket printed for each pending court session or prior court sessions. Fees can be added automatically based on status.

Citations management
Citations management is the module which automates the entire life cycle tickets right from creating a ticket to add citations, add charge code details, defendants personal information, questions associated to charges, add notes, facts, witness information collected by cops, to manage attorney, bondman details to create and manage payment plans.

Charge Codes management
This part of AutoCourt software allows the jury department to create charge codes with details like configurable charge code numbers, legal references associated, traffic, non-traffic, speeding details, violation types, associated questions, all the factors that constitute cost of the charge code like court cost codes, bond amount, fine amount. A charge code's term can be configured with starting and ending date. Court can maintain various versions (terms) for all charge code.

Court dockets management
The automated docket system is the Court's docket tracking system to process judgments and court activities. It allows to create and manage dockets with configurable docket code, information about cases, court room, persons to be available, to schedule details of the docket like the day, week, month, time etc., Information on the docket is updated on the day after an entry is made on the docket. A docket's term can be configured with starting and ending date. Court can maintain various versions (terms) for all dockets.

Court Calendar module
List all dates for any case, client, attorney, judge Track court dates, appointments, meetings, and holidays. Schedule people, courtrooms, and dockets in a single entry. This modules allows both automatic and manual scheduling. Automatic scheduling gives the next available court date based on the charges of the ticket. With manual scheduling allows us to choose a date from a list of available dates for the next 6 months. Eliminates scheduling conflicts. Recur events as often and as long as necessary.

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