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Off-Shore Development

The RedSalsa OSDM model includes a well-defined process, keeping in mind remote delivery of solutions, systems and software. Either the environment of a client's site is replicated in our offices or a VPN link is used to log into the client's computing facilities. In each case, an on-site coordinator acts as a single point for the client.

As is the case in focused software project marketing, our project leaders/coordinators conduct initial meetings with you as a prospect. A series of discussions, presentations and sometimes even focused studies to better understand your requirements is carried out. The objective at this point is to really understand your requirements.

A detailed proposal is then made with contributions from our senior technical staff, after analyzing and addressing your requirements. The proposal would include an executive summary, the project development plan (covering technical solutions, hardware/software components and a proposed architecture), the implementation and schedules, efforts and costs. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect for deliverables and the milestones.

Clarity in understanding the requirements and effective project management are the two key areas in a remote development model. Once the project is initiated, key lead technical managers will visit your offices to discuss, understand and capture your requirements. Meanwhile, personnel identified as tentative project team members in offshore development centers will be subjected to relevant training and orientation, if needed. On their return, the team that visited your site will conduct a functional workshop for the rest of the team at offshore development center (ODC) to disseminate the requirements. Architecture definition and prototyping, if necessary, is done. This is followed by design, implementation and testing phases at ODC. Whether intermittent visits or final visit for integration and system testing at your site makes up the last phase. Each phase involves a series of internal and external reviews. Reviews at critical phases will sometimes involve you either at on-site or offshore locations. Detailed documents are generated at each stage, which help in subsequent phases and also in maintenance and support.

Depending upon your need we may use any one of the development methodologies such as SCRUM, Agile, and Extreme Programming (XP).

We utilize the latest technology, such as web meetings and videoconferences, to make sure that the offshore development team is only a call away.


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